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Join us for a day of growth, learning, and connection.

  1. Power of Connection: A full day of connection and hands on learning with COACH! Community members and likeminded peers.
  2. Coaching Mastery:  refine your coaching skills in an exclusive workshop led by Master Coach Alex Verlek .
  3. Earn 4 C.C.E.U Points: Attend the workshop and earn 4 C.C.E.U. valuable points towards your continuous education.
  4. Special Membership Offer:¬†A rare chance to join C.O.A.C.H! with an exclusive offer ‚Äď only for attendees.

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 Saturday | May 18 |  09:00 - 17:00 | Woudschoten Hotel & Conferentiecentrum , Zeist |  Holland

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"A day packed with transformative sessions"

Agenda's Highlights

9:00 Welcome 
9:30 Masterclass "Overcome conflict in relationships" led by Alex Verlek, Master Coach
12:30 Lunch and Connect

13:30 Improv Class - be surprised!

15:00 "Brand Yourself"  personal branding for  coaches

16:30 Insights COACH! Global Community for Coaching Mastery

17:00 COACH! Connect

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What is COACH! ?

C.O.A.C.H! Is a fast growing global community and learning platform for coaches. 

Whether you're a coach in certification, a newly certified coach, looking to advance your skills or need to re-accredit, get to the next level with our comprehensive courses, support and community.

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What can you expect?

This event offers an immersive experience where you'll delve into advanced coaching techniques and interpersonal skills development. You'll engage in dynamic workshops focused on conflict resolution, personal branding, and improvisation, all designed to enhance your professional capabilities. By participating, you'll gain valuable insights into effective communication and leadership. And here is a message from Alex, COACH! Co-Founder, Master Coach


Expect engaging, hands-on workshops designed to sharpen your skills and expand your coaching toolkit

Curious about what exactly you will learn and how it is going to expand your coaching? Meet Jamie and Ingelotte, COACH! Members and the organizers of COACH! Conversations Holland:


Connect with nature

Nestled in the serene heart of a Dutch forest, our event location offers a perfect escape into nature, providing a tranquil backdrop that enhances learning and personal growth. This idyllic setting offers a calm environment ideal for deep reflection and focused learning. As you immerse yourself in our workshops, the peaceful forest around you will help you disconnect and truly connect with your coaching journey.

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Every coach wants to coach with mastery

Join our coaching event to unlock your unique identity and amplify your impact.

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